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Using an external DSLR For Facebook Live

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A while ago I provided a how to guide on how to use an external DSLR for Facebook Live, a tutorial specifically for Canon EOS DSLRs. Over the last few months I have learned some new things to simplify this process so I wanted to update the guide.

As a reminder, my solution is essentially free so there is no need to open up your wallet and shell out a lot of bucks for expensive video capture cards or streaming software. You do need to connect the camera to a computer via a USB cable so you may have to invest in a longer cable if the one you have is not long enough to reach your subject matter.


It may also be necessary to invest in a power cord for the camera to keep it from dying during a long broadcast.

The Need for (Internet Upload) Speed

You will also need a fast internet speed so you should have at least 3 megabits per second (Mbps) upload speed to broadcast live. To check your speed go to beta.speedtest.net. And you should have a fast enough processor on your computer so it can encode the video before it makes it way to Facebook.

One less App required for Facebook Live

Ok, to get this to work you will need to download three different applications, one less than what was required in my earlier guide (CamTwist is no longer needed). I use a Mac so the links I am providing are for OSX.

  • Canon EOS Utility: https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home/support/details/cameras/dslr/eos-5d-mark-iii
  • Camera Live: https://github.com/v002/v002-Camera-Live/releases
  • Open Broadcast Software (OBS): https://obsproject.com/download

If you have a Canon EOS DSLR then you should already have the EOS Utility. If not, then you can follow the link above. One note of caution, I upgraded to the new Sierra operating system and ran into problems so I had to downgrade back to El Capitan to get this to work.

You do have to prevent the utility from launching every time you turn the camera on so you will have to make one slight change to the configuration. Go to the EOS Utility icon at the top of your screen and click on it and select “Do not launch EOS Utility automatically…”.

Revised Facebook Live Startup Procedure

Once you have all of the apps loaded you should close out each one and follow a specific start-up procedure. The order of this procedure needs to be followed every time you live stream video with your DSLR.

  • Open up Camera Live
  • Connect DSLR to Mac with USB cable and turn on DSLR in video mode
  • Minimize the Camera Live app
  • Go to your Facebook page
  • Click on Publishing Tools at the top, then on videos on the left hand side and then on the +Live button.  If you don’t see Publishing Tools on Facebook then visit this page and click on the “Broadcast on Facebook Live” link:
  • https://iag.me/socialmedia/broadcast-computer-facebook-live/
  • Find the Stream Key and copy it


  • Open up OBS
  • Under Sources select the “+” and add Game Capture (Syphon) from the list
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Stream and paste in the stream key
  • Make sure you have Facebook Live selected as the Service
  • Click on the video tab and make sure you have the Base (Canvas) Resolution set to 2560×1440, the Output (Scaled) Resolution set to 1920×1080, the Downscale Filter at Bicubic (Sharpened scaling, 16 samples) and the Common FPS Values set to 30


  • Click Ok and then click on the “Start Streaming” button. You may see some black space around your video so if that is the case you can eliminate it by selecting and dragging the red border around the video to resize it and fill up the entire screen
  • Go Back to your Facebook page and click “Next” underneath the stream key. At this point Facebook is fetching your live stream so while it is doing that you can fill in a description, title and tags for the Live stream. You are not in the live mode yet, just a preview stage
  • Crank down the volume on your computer’s speakers. If you don’t, then you will get some bad echoing on your live audio feed. And one VERY important thing to note, don’t totally mute the volume. If you do then it will cause the stream to buffer and pause. Just go with one bar of sound

You are now ready to go Live. Just hit the “Go Live” button on Facebook and enjoy your high quality DSLR video live on Facebook! For a more in-depth tutorial you can view this video:

The fruits of labor…..DSLR video in Facebook Live.




If you are looking for additional insights and information on photography and videography, please explore my other articles on those topics. And for you reef keepers out there, you can peruse my reef tank related articles, videos as well as my Live HD Webcam.

Happy shooting and happy reef keeping!


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