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Jesse's 90 Gallon Build Thread

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2 new 18" SBOX BASIC LED’s installed.  30% White 70% Blue  

So far so good with no hair algae. 

Just called in the Calvary from ReefCleaners. I quit using hermits years ago due to them killing my snails for their shells but I need some eaters.    

Posted Images

I'm slowing beating the hair algae. 

Steps taken:

- 35 gallon water changes every two weeks
- Vibrant dosing every two weeks
- Use turkey baster to blow rocks off as often as possible.
- Use filter socks to catch everything coming off of rocks
- Replaced LED lighting

This photo was January 23, 2020 after the tank was neglected for basically two years.


This is the tank as of yesterday March 20, 2020


Next step is to get rid of all the big bulky rock and make the reefscape look "More Gooder."

- Caribsea LifeRock was purchased.


- did a water change and added the old water to a new brute trashcan with heater and pump.
- Rock will slowly be taken in and out as the scape evolves.
- today I removed the big bulky rock in the center of the tank. moved a piece from the left to the center. placed a new LifeSaver rock temporarily at the left.



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