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June Group Buy/ Raffle- Jimbos Gumbo

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This month Jimbo's Gumbo has graciously agreed to sponsor BuckeyeReef's group buy. Order instructions included below (Deadline to order July 1st)


This Virginia based company is a newer line of fish and reef food that many are swearing by. Even better than more popular brands on the market. ReefBuilders did a full review of their product line which can be seen here.

They offer 4 different options for food. The first 3 are listed here.


They now offer a 4th which is a reef cut specifically targeting breeding. 



Video of feeding:



General pricing is as follows:

-2oz bags of Reef and Reef Breeder Cut  are $6 each
-4oz bags of Reef Fish and Chunky are $10 each
-8oz bags of Reef Fish and Chunky are $20 each

Depending on the quantity of the group order, we receive a discount on the purchase price of the food. The discount will be revealed once we have everyone's requested amounts. 


Order Instructions:

Simply state how much of the desired product you would like in this thread. We will then set up distribution points based on location of orders and order quantities. July 1st is the deadline to request your order. You will be sent a PayPal request for the total of your order after July 1st, with the applied discount. Then you will be required to pick up your items from the designated locations. 

T-shirts- Anyone who orders 4 packs of food will get a free t-shirt 


Raffle- Every pack ordered will give you an entry for a free 8oz pack of food of your choosing. Raffle winner will be announced July 2nd. 


Pick up locations:

Toledo Point Place from @lngliv3 aka Tim.

Cincinnati (45236) from Crimsonvice aka Brandon .

Arrangements can be made to pick order up at our July meeting at Lazy's Frag House in Dayton.


That's it. I'm excited to try Jimbo's products. 

Happy reefing!





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Just wanted to pop in here and say thank you so much for the group buy! I usually don't have too much time to spend on the web but wanted to throw it out there. If you ever have q's, comments, and or

I'm down for an 8 ounce package of reef gumbo, amd I would happily pick up from Tim.  Do they have any shirts they will sell for cheap or with a purchase of a certain number of packs?  I could be brib

Super Nice Job Brandon!

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Basically count on it being cheaper than $20 a package for the 8oz. The more we order the greater the discount will be. I can't give an exact price until I talk order size with them at the end of the month. At that point I will update everyone and send out a PayPal invoice to those who are purchasing.

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On 6/8/2017 at 0:44 PM, Birdman said:

No. I don't try new food. I'll stick to what they eat daily. 

Lol. Everyone that I have talked to who uses Jimbo's Gumbo says it's amazing! They donated some to the expo this year and it looked wonderful. I am excited to try it. Who knows maybe your fish and coral will thank you. 


The is a $6 option. Lol that wont break the bank. 

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5 hours ago, crimsonvice said:

For anyone else who may be contemplating this, what would push you over the edge? 

Is it because it's a new food? Unknown discount? No body likes me? Let me know what would make you participate and I will see if I can make it happen.

If you paid and personally delivered that would help lol.  I like trying new things!  I imagine the logistics are a hurdle with some, especially when it needs to be kept frozen in the summertime.  Also just the time of year causes waning interest.  Would be awesome to see some of our eastern members get together on this too.  Thanks for what you do!

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Few updates:

The order dealine is being pushed back to July 1st. Just due to logistics and staff being on vacation at Jimbos.


Shirt deal- order 4 packs of food and get a shirt for free

Raffle- everyone who orders will be entered into a raffle for a free 8oz pack of food of their choosing. The more packs you order the more entries you will get. 

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