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7 hours ago, cptnspanky said:

Man i wish i would have gone with my gut and put an order in with adam instead of wwc.  Everything youve gotten so far is great...i just got my order yesterday and was really disappointed with what i got

Sucks you weren't happy, but what did you pick up??  Hopefully they will grow in for you.

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So I reached out to him on R2R and had two specific coral requests, and then a blanket "I'm on a table kick. Specifically looking for a table or two that would do well in medium light." After a few back and forth pm's, he had a good idea of what I was looking for. I went to the website and ordered a box. Honestly, with my specific coral requests I was only expecting another two frags. So when I got a pack of 10 I was blown away. I cannot rave enough about Adam. He is by far one of the best, if not THE best SPS vendor. 

So... Here is the line up:

Rainbow Melon Tenuis and  Nero Table (special requests). Joker 2.0, Bonfire, Rainbow Table, Blue Angle, Firecracker, North Stars Cath, Flamethrower table, and Foist Fire Table. 

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